Fijian smiles

Centuries ago the world knew “the Fiji Islands”; only from the journals of explorers, traders and missionaries, who wrote mostly about the archipelago’s fearsome cannibals; none of the great romantic writers who waxed rhapsodic about its South Sea neighbors showed up to chronicle Fiji’s charms. But now more and more of the world’s travelers are discovering what these early writers did not: Fiji is a place of incredible beauty. Today’s visitors are finding that with 300 islands to visit and explore, Fiji literally has something for everyone.

On tiny islets ringed by powdery sand sit 21st-century Shangrilas - sublime resorts that are setting new standards for world-class service and sophistication. On private islands pampered guests live in luxury’s lap, sipping champagne, eating lobster and basking for hours on exquisite beaches, accompanied by the sound of the surf and the sight of palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

Kokomo beach front

But Fiji is not famous just for its luxurious resorts. It has a fantastic, pristine ecosystem: its rain forests are filled with exotic tropical flora and fauna, including the pink-billed parrot finch, the giant honey eater and the banded iguana. Its seas are home to four of the world’s seven turtle species as well as playful dolphins and the once-celebrated delicacy beche de mer, or sea cucumber.

LIKULIKU, meaning “calm waters”, this idyllic resort is a haven of subtle luxury and the only resort in Fiji offering overwater bures. Its lagoon is naturally protected by a marine sanctuary and easily accessible by catamaran and helicopter.

A place of incredible beauty

KOKOMO Private Island is ideal for the intergenerational traveler, utterly exclusive and yet a place where smiles and laughter are warmly welcomed by Fijian hospitality.

LAUCALA Private Island is in Taveuni, one of the most beautiful and pristine islands in Fiji. Laucala’s 25 villas offer unparalleled luxury and seclusion in a setting of coconut plantations, deserted beaches, volcanic mountains and fertile coral reefs. All the island resorts provide top diving experiences and water activities. You just have to let us help find the best for you, and there is plenty to do for those who do not want to get their feet in the water.

Years ago, when travelers were just beginning to discover its myriad marvels, the Country’s slogan was “Fiji - the way the world should be” As most anyone who visits will tell you, the words still hold true.