Swayambhunath Temple

Nepal- the land of Himalaya- is a small landlocked country known for its magnificent mountain beauty and heavenly ambiance. It is a most interesting and enticing country that offers immense opportunities for adventure seekers. The country contains eight of the ten world’s highest mountains, including the incomparable Mount Everest. It is surrounded by China, India and Bhutan which accounts for its many ethnic groups. The dominant culture in Kathmandu is Newari, known for its colorful festivals. Religion is a unique combination of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Patan, Nepal

This breathtaking land is not only popular among adventure enthusiasts, but also a dream land for the travelers who want to enjoy historical, natural, spiritual and cultural experiences in its valley. This naturally gifted land is endowed with great destinations such as Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Patan, Birgunj And Nepalagunj.

Flavors and delicacies of Nepal

The former monarchy was officially known as the Kingdom of Nepal until May 28, 2008 when the monarchy was abolished and the country was declared a republic. The country’s political landscape has been difficult and progress has been slow but hopefully peace and stability in the future will continue to allow travelers to discover this remarkable part of the world.