Singapore is set in the heart of Asia-with Indonesia to the east, the Malay Peninsula to the west, and China to the north, so it's no surprise that today it has become an international center of Asian culture and commerce. Here, in a country not many decades old, travelers find soaring skyscrapers and elite European boutiques lining the city's Orchard Road, while over on Arab Street, Muslim devotees flock to the Sultan Mosque and in Chinatown, worshippers visit venerable Buddhist temples.

The ferocious growth in Singapore's economy has led to the development of spectacular hotels and a marina that is a marvel of technology, iconic architecture and great entertainment.

Dhobis, saris and a spot of curry

Singaporeans are said to have two great passions, shopping and eating, and travelers will have time to do plenty of both. Wander through the city's maze of shopping malls. Have a gourmet ten-course feast in a Chinese restaurant. Take a tour of the Tiger Beer brewery or visit a French wine bar. Singapore also offers golf courses, nature parks, a nocturnal zoo and outlying islands to explore.

Singapore Zoo
Art and Science Museum

Recently Singapore also created the Gardens by the Bay as part of Singapore’s plan to transform its Garden’s City into a City with a Garden, in an effort to improve the quality of life in the city. Gardens by the Bay is now a national icon and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Gardens by the Bay is a wonderful addition to the Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.