Tahiti is the most dreamt-of isle in the South Seas and one of the most romanticized spots on earth. First discovered by Europeans during the Age of Enlightenment, Tahiti became a place to escape the world. "All the time our visits to the islands have been more like dreams than realities," wrote Robert Louis Stevenson of his days in French Polynesia. Paul Gauguin, who sought out the islands to overcome the torment of his life in Europe, wrote in his journal that in French Polynesia "the reality of yesterday becomes a fable and one forgets it."

Black pearls, primarily cultivated in French Polynesia

If there is a place in which to truly cast off the cares of the world, this is it. Tahiti and her sister islands in French Polynesia – Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangiroa, Tetiaroa (location of the Brando) and a few more- are exquisite landfalls where French and island culture have merged to create a sophisticated yet casual lifestyle. Visitors to French Polynesia will find the beauty Gauguin captured in his canvases everywhere. A paradise where the sea is as warm as a bath and the air is as gentle as a lover’s touch.

Bora Bora, the island James Michener described as “the most beautiful island in the world” welcomes you with its dramatic basalt peaks soaring above its gorgeous, multihued lagoon, and its slopes and valleys blossom with flowers of every shade.

Today travelers still make the pilgrimage to Bora Bora to seek out a perfect existence, vanquishing their worries with white-sand beaches, crystal-blue lagoons and lush tropic rain forests. If there is a place in which to truly cast off the cares of the world, this is it.  Bora Bora has some of the most beautiful and romantic resorts in the world, offering every comfort and an island culture that have merged to create a sophisticated yet casual lifestyle.


Rangiroa Lagoon

Located 350kms northwest of Tahiti, Rangiroa is the largest atoll in French Polynesia. Its lagoon, enclosed by a coral ring set with hundreds of green islets covers an area of nearly 1500 square kms. Beneath the surface of this huge inland sea lies a water world of rare beauty for world renowned sea lovers and diving enthusiasts. The best-known underwater sites of the island, the Tiputa and Avatoru passes, located northwest of the lagoon, are home to very large species visible only in the Polynesian lagoons (turtles, manta rays, barracudas, dolphins, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, grey sharks, white tip sharks, lemon sharks…!)

Rangiroa offers a wide range of land-based activities also: exploring the only vineyard in French Polynesia, walking on the Motus lined with white sands and populated by seabirds, excursions to the Blue Lagoon and Pink Sand Beach.


The Brando Spa, Tetiaroa Island

Tetiaroa is what island lovers believe exists only in their imagination. White sand beaches, beautiful birds and sparkling lagoons that go on forever. This is Paradise.

Beyond its beauty it is a bird and marine life protected sanctuary.   It is also very important to Polynesian history as it was the exclusive retreat of Tahiti Royalty for a long time as can be attested by the sacred maraes still found on the island.

The Brando resort is also a very unique and exclusive resort that will assault your senses and become a lifetime memory.